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MAKE | Predictions For 2012 – Add Yours!

MAKE | Predictions For 2012 – Add Yours! blog.makezine.com12/28/11 I wonder what will happen when the maker movement starts to threaten some established corporate interests. Makers trying to commercialize a product can’t afford to defend themselves against even the most trivial corporate …

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The Maker Movement – The New Industrial Revolution

Web innovation is being applied to the “real world” It is easy to laugh at the idea that hobbyists will change the world. But the original industrial revolution grew out of piecework done at home, and look what became of the personal computers of the 1970s. The tools we have to go after a problem are […]

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The Rise of Raspberry Pi

Chris Swan has two solid predictions for Raspberry Pi. For the same reasons The BBC Micro and Home Brew computers inspired a generation, and hackers continue to realise more potential than manufacturers in their own technology. RaspPi is a whole computer on a tiny circuit board – not much more than an ARM processor, a USB […]

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Why Google built the Chrome browser

This is a fascinating post by Joshua Giardino @techaritys on “Why a Search Giant decided to build the Fastest Browser ever…” This is why you’re seeing annotated screenshots in Instant Previews of the Google SERPs. The instant previews are in fact an impressive feat in that they not only take a screenshot of a page […]

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monday Originally uploaded by shreyas.naik.  

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