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GQ Portrait China

West meets East in China

Quentin Shih’s excellent photography shows the sign of the times and a great example of West meets East in China

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Christmas Overkill

A lot of Christmas light down the road from me, but all for a good charity.

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Pink Tree Buds

I popped down the West End today. Got told off for taking pictures of my latte! I don’t think having pink walls makes your brand that precious… You know who you are. Along the way I found these buds. Much prettier! 

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hairy Originally uploaded by shreyas.naik. The price you pay for having fun. Two weeks after my R&R riding the mountain. My first time for acupuncture. Strangely, quite enjoyable and it seemed to work for me. Recommended!

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This morning I woke up went to the downstairs bathroom and brushed my teeth. I didn’t drink any water. This is uncustomary for me. I suspect it may be consequence of my dietary habits yesterday evening. I am considering a controlled study involving some cheese and red wine tonight. I’ll provide insightful commentary on my progress in upcoming blog entries. […]

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