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Antec PSU

Consumables, DIY Servers, and The Cloud – more sense, less fun.

Oh man! The heat proof glass from the front of the oven disintegrated while I was cleaning it. The crack was like a bullet, cat poo’d itself (shame). Power supply in my main server went pop (wish I was in the Cloud for everything, so expensive when you have 6 servers, yes I know…), now […]

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Eddy Current Braking Games

This simple demonstration of eddy current braking will probably be familiar to many of you, but this video from YouTuber JamesRB1995 is a short, well-shot, impressive documentation of the effect. Keep in mind that copper is not ferromagnetic, and there is no direct magnetic attraction going on here. – Courtesy of Make Magazine.

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The Maker Movement – The New Industrial Revolution

Web innovation is being applied to the “real world” It is easy to laugh at the idea that hobbyists will change the world. But the original industrial revolution grew out of piecework done at home, and look what became of the personal computers of the 1970s. The tools we have to go after a problem are […]

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The Rise of Raspberry Pi

Chris Swan has two solid predictions for Raspberry Pi. For the same reasons The BBC Micro and Home Brew computers inspired a generation, and hackers continue to realise more potential than manufacturers in their own technology. RaspPi is a whole computer on a tiny circuit board – not much more than an ARM processor, a USB […]

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Heading home from a great Xmas party.

Dublin airport has never looked so good with it’s new terminal. Almost a shame to leave.

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NYC Washington Square

New York City Day to Night in One Picture

    In his series “Day to Night” photographer Stephen Wilkes spent a minimum of ten hours taking hundreds of shots from the same perspective. Wilkes then wove and blended thirty to fifty parts from various shots to capture a fluid visual narrative of day turning into night within a single frame. – story courtesy of Amusing […]

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Insane skiing skills in the city

Starts out slow but the real skiing starts at 2:00 minutes.

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Larry’s Super Yacht

Larry Ellison’s Super Yacht is not the most interesting thing happening on the water in Vassaliki, Greece – Paris’ head to wind on her board. Built by Lürssen in 2005 to a Jon Bannenberg design, the 137m Rising Sun has in excess of 8,000m² of living space with 82 rooms across five decks. Her features include a gym, a […]

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First Post

These things are always easier once you get going.

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