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GQ Portrait China

West meets East in China

Quentin Shih’s excellent photography shows the sign of the times and a great example of West meets East in China

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NASA Siberia's Lena Delta

NASA Earth Day – Siberia’s Lena Delta

Siberia’s Lena Delta The protected wilderness area of the Lena River, some 2,800 miles long and one of the largest rivers in the world, is the easternmost of the three great Siberian rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean. Here taken from space courtesy of NASA , more at NASA – The Home Planet: Exploring the Whole Earth

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NASA – The Home Planet: Exploring the Whole Earth

The Water Planet Viewed from space, the most striking feature of our planet is the water. In both liquid and frozen form, it covers 75% of the Earth’s surface. It fills the sky with clouds. Water is practically everywhere on Earth, from inside the planet’s rocky crust to inside the cells of the human body. […]

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Christmas Overkill

A lot of Christmas light down the road from me, but all for a good charity.

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NYC Washington Square

New York City Day to Night in One Picture

    In his series “Day to Night” photographer Stephen Wilkes spent a minimum of ten hours taking hundreds of shots from the same perspective. Wilkes then wove and blended thirty to fifty parts from various shots to capture a fluid visual narrative of day turning into night within a single frame. – story courtesy of Amusing […]

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Pink Tree Buds

I popped down the West End today. Got told off for taking pictures of my latte! I don’t think having pink walls makes your brand that precious… You know who you are. Along the way I found these buds. Much prettier! 

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lawrence Originally uploaded by shreyas.naik. More PS fun. I really have to get out tomorrow and get some more shots.

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jigsaw Originally uploaded by shreyas.naik. I been spending some time with an old friend. This wasn't the best photo but a bit of Photoshop has put some zing into it. Now I have my head around the digital process again, I just have to start taking some decent photos…

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Valley of the Dolls

Pas de la Casa Originally uploaded by shreyas.naik. My Wine & Cheese study led me here… yes more snowboarding! In Andorra this time for some R&R. A new board, plenty of runs & sun plus some good people! Recommended.

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