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The Imminent Rise of Social Cloud Computing

Image courtesy of Daniel Iversen Cloud computing is the distribution of services like information storage and processing as if they were utilities, rather like electricity sold over a power grid. The idea is that people use and pay for only as much as they need. But one problem with this model is trust. How can users […]

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Build, Unite, Multiply! – A History of the Hackerspace Movement, Circa 2008

hackerspaces | flux | Hackerspaces – The Beginning (the book) This book documents where the Hacker Space movement was in December of 2008 when most 2011?s Hacker Spaces were still in their infancy. Noisebridge founder Mitch Altman interviewed at CCC Camp, in 2007 about Europe’s second-wave hackerspaces. The resulting wave of hundreds of hackerspaces has swept the world. [Via Adafruit] […]

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The Rise of Raspberry Pi

Chris Swan has two solid predictions for Raspberry Pi. For the same reasons The BBC Micro and Home Brew computers inspired a generation, and hackers continue to realise more potential than manufacturers in their own technology. RaspPi is a whole computer on a tiny circuit board – not much more than an ARM processor, a USB […]

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NYC Washington Square

New York City Day to Night in One Picture

    In his series “Day to Night” photographer Stephen Wilkes spent a minimum of ten hours taking hundreds of shots from the same perspective. Wilkes then wove and blended thirty to fifty parts from various shots to capture a fluid visual narrative of day turning into night within a single frame. – story courtesy of Amusing […]

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Tim Wu

What’s best for the customer, fragmented or integrated?

In this article Tim Wu (Professor Wu was named one of Scientific American’s 50 people of the year in 2006. In 2007 Wu was named one of Harvard University’s 100 most influential graduates) argues that Steve Job’s policy of integration poses long-term dangers, particularly once the golden age ends.  In an integrated or closed industry […]

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Social email marketing tool Flowtown combines email and social analytics; somewhat interesting? What is interesting, are the graphics they produce. The Evolution of The Blogger How Are Companies Leveraging Social Media? Who Are the Millennials? Teens and Their Mobile Phones The Evolution of the Geek Technorati Tags: social network,flowtown,analytics

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Who Is The Archivist For?

The Archivist is another very interesting lab from from Mix Online that lets people archive, analyse and export tweets.     Twitter isn’t going away anytime soon. The tweets keep coming. And coming. Exponentially. Then again, tweets are disappearing all the time.  Tweets come and go.  They’re ephemeral. There are all kinds of things you can […]

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lawrence Originally uploaded by shreyas.naik. More PS fun. I really have to get out tomorrow and get some more shots.

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jigsaw Originally uploaded by shreyas.naik. I been spending some time with an old friend. This wasn't the best photo but a bit of Photoshop has put some zing into it. Now I have my head around the digital process again, I just have to start taking some decent photos…

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