NYC Washington Square

New York City Day to Night in One Picture

    In his series “Day to Night” photographer Stephen Wilkes spent a minimum of ten hours taking hundreds of shots from the same perspective. Wilkes then wove and blended thirty to fifty parts from various shots to capture a fluid visual narrative of day turning into night within a single frame. – story courtesy of Amusing […]

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Why Google built the Chrome browser

This is a fascinating post by Joshua Giardino @techaritys on “Why a Search Giant decided to build the Fastest Browser ever…” This is why you’re seeing annotated screenshots in Instant Previews of the Google SERPs. The instant previews are in fact an impressive feat in that they not only take a screenshot of a page […]

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Insane skiing skills in the city

Starts out slow but the real skiing starts at 2:00 minutes.

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Larry’s Super Yacht

Larry Ellison’s Super Yacht is not the most interesting thing happening on the water in Vassaliki, Greece – Paris’ head to wind on her board. Built by Lürssen in 2005 to a Jon Bannenberg design, the 137m Rising Sun has in excess of 8,000m² of living space with 82 rooms across five decks. Her features include a gym, a […]

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Tim Wu

What’s best for the customer, fragmented or integrated?

In this article Tim Wu (Professor Wu was named one of Scientific American’s 50 people of the year in 2006. In 2007 Wu was named one of Harvard University’s 100 most influential graduates) argues that Steve Job’s policy of integration poses long-term dangers, particularly once the golden age ends.  In an integrated or closed industry […]

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Social email marketing tool Flowtown combines email and social analytics; somewhat interesting? What is interesting, are the graphics they produce. The Evolution of The Blogger How Are Companies Leveraging Social Media? Who Are the Millennials? Teens and Their Mobile Phones The Evolution of the Geek Technorati Tags: social network,flowtown,analytics

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Who Is The Archivist For?

The Archivist is another very interesting lab from from Mix Online that lets people archive, analyse and export tweets.     Twitter isn’t going away anytime soon. The tweets keep coming. And coming. Exponentially. Then again, tweets are disappearing all the time.  Tweets come and go.  They’re ephemeral. There are all kinds of things you can […]

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monday Originally uploaded by shreyas.naik.  

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Golf Drive

Golf Drive Originally uploaded by shreyas.naik. Batchwood golf course is right on my door step. I don't really make the most of it. I'm not ready to take up golf yet but it's still a good place take a Saturday walk when the sun is setting.

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Pink Tree Buds

I popped down the West End today. Got told off for taking pictures of my latte! I don’t think having pink walls makes your brand that precious… You know who you are. Along the way I found these buds. Much prettier! 

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