About Shreyas Naik

Finally I get what blogs are all about. At first I thought, why in the world would anybody want to read my blog?

But now I see the light.

“Those who read my blog know that I am a strong advocate of both Twitter, and blogging, as professional development tools.  I can not overstate the degree to which interactions via these social media venues have provided professional connections and shaped my thinking about a wide variety of educational topics.  On a DAILY basis I utilize social media to expand my professional interactions well beyond the walls of my school – gaining access to current events, innovative practices, and encouragement from people (many of whom I have never met face to face) who I consider colleagues.  Without a doubt, blogging and tweeting allow educators to develop a diverse professional learning network and participate in ongoing and dynamic professional development.

These tools also provide opportunities for perhaps the most important practice in education: reflection.  I can not begin to tell you how many times my beliefs about educational practice have been challenged by what I have read in a blog, or on Twitter.  Over the past couple of years, my concept of what is possible in education has been stretched.  When I hear that something can not be done, I often know of a teacher, administrator or school that has done it.  I have learned to question my daily practice, never settle for the status quo, and consistently be asking if there is a better way.  Writing this blog provides me an opportunity to organize my thoughts, and reflect out loud — so to speak — with the added benefit of receiving diverse feedback.” as Jeff Delp put it so well.

My blog is for me to reflect. If others come to share and participate then all the better if not then that’s fine as well.