Who Is The Archivist For?

The Archivist is another very interesting lab from from Mix Online that lets people archive, analyse and export tweets.



Twitter isn’t going away anytime soon. The tweets keep coming. And coming. Exponentially.


Then again, tweets are disappearing all the time.  Tweets come and go.  They’re ephemeral.

There are all kinds of things you can find when analysing a dataset of tweets.  Patterns emerge from the noise. Discoveries are made.

So how do you capture all those tweets before they disappear into the ether?

The Archivist data mines on your behalf, providing six visualizations that offer insight into a given archive of tweets.

The six visualizations are:

  • Volume Over Time
  • Top Users
  • Tweet vs. Retweet
  • Top Words
  • Top Urls
  • Source Of Tweet


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